MediaLAB in Bangalore

On the 26th of August we, Marissa and Bauke, left for Bangalore, India. We are former students of the MediaLAB Amsterdam. Last year we were working on the ‘’ project and the ‘LightChallenge’ project. In the end of the last semester, MediaLAB Amsterdam gave us a wonderful opportunity to work on a project in India, as an internship. This would be a mirrored project with the MediaLAB Amsterdam; the Amsterdam based team will be working on the same topic as us. We took our chances and without a doubt started packing our bags!


Here in Bangalore, or Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, in the southern part of India, we are working on a project about women’s safety in public space. We are part of the research society Fields of View, located at the campus of IIIT-B. Our team in particular is 5 headed: Yashvanth, Daksh, Vikram, Marissa and Bauke, passionately coached by Sruthi. This blog will also be mirrored with the MediaLAB Amsterdam’s blog.


We have been here now for 3 weeks exact, already entering our fourth. We’ve been doing a lot and met many interesting people. Here is a short introduction-video we made last week. Enjoy, more posts are coming and we’ll keep you updated!



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